The Explainer

'Anarchism's shit'
he spits in frustration
accusing us of guilt
by free association

How can you live
when there are no laws
How can you conceive of
a land without flaws

Life isn't fair you see
was the line which they drilled
into all, and he intends
to see the portents fulfilled

why should I be equal
if I have worked harder?
why should I be punished
for having a rich father?

Well, no-one is punished
for to give up what you can
is to uplift your comrades
not to punish you, man

and where you have needs,
there, others will give
let no person hunger
let all persons live


Every night I sit and watch,
The pigs outside the station
Strip-searched in public,
And threatened with dogs
They pick out the black kids
to pad out the logs
The job is now done
The quota is filled
They can go home
To their wives, unfulfilled
No fear for the white kids
of cop hit and runs
so call all your friends
to join in with the fun
Protect your comrades
and aid their cause
you know you'll be next
they won't even pause


Landlords are parasites,
Taking the land,
Planting their banners,
No matter whose sites,

A graveyard,
A commons,
It makes no diff'rence,
The land they possess,
Is protected by violence,

By the state, by security,
No matter the cost,
They live in ign'rance,
Of the lives lost,

Fighting injustice,
Fighting for land,
Fighting for the privilege
Of a home for the night,

On the Brexit Party

Name a better sight,
Than a burning bridge,
Leading to an isle,
Of arseholes,

Let the tide come in and wash,
Away the foul burned chunks,
Forget about past glories,
Forget about,
The chumps,

Photo by ev on Unsplash

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