The Commoner is an independent, anarchist publication written by commoners and for commoners. It is a springboard for common voices, ideas, and hopes. Our editors, writers and supporters want to see the dawn of a common world, where every individual, anywhere, may enjoy autonomy, peace and security.

The Commoner seeks to tap into the deep rooted, communalistic traditions that have defined humanity for centuries, so that we may reclaim the world that always belonged to us. It wishes to re-frame the narrative of society away from heartless individualism, away from the enforced private property, and towards a way of living devoid of state-backed oppression. It desires to shelter those who believe in the communal spirit of humanity. Quite simply, it wants to explore what it means to be a commoner.

At the centre of everything we do, write or say are three core ideals:

  1. Common Ownership
  2. Anti-Capitalism
  3. The Deconstruction of Hierarchy

We are kept alive only by our wonderful supporters. If you wish to contribute, and therefore support quality anarchist journalism, then do consider becoming a patron:

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