Thanks to Organise Magazine and your support, The Commoner No. 2 is now in print. Here’s a peek at the front cover:

Included in each copy of Organise, and free for all of our patrons, our second printed issue features two recent climate-related articles: ‘Swiss “Climate Action” is Climate Imperialism’ by Jordan Lunness, and ‘Fortress Conservation and Indigenous Sovereignty: Reflections on COP 15’ by Adam Cogan. We’re thrilled to say that copies of No. 2 will be distributed from Nottingham, UK, to Tokyo, Japan. If you know of a local distro, group, cafe, or other establishment that might be interested in The Commoner, please drop us a line.

This printed edition was written in solidarity with Stop Cop City/Defend Atlanta Forest. These eco-activists are putting their livelihoods on the line to defend a forest in South Atlanta from being destroyed and turned into a police training facility. It is a remarkable example of how the State works in direct opposition to the people and to the land, and how collective action can effect real change.

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